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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Seoul Lantern Festival !

Hello Friends there is no such person who does not love colorful lighting lanterns & that to huge as a elephant size / small as a butterfly size so or we could even make our own if anyone traveling Korea to experience winter you must experience the warmth of the 4th Seoul Lantern Festival in the chilling cold weather from 2nd of November 2012 to the 18th along side of Cheonggyecheon Stream !

There will be around 30000 various shape sized lanterns which were in use at the time of Joseon Dynasty /Various types of animals/Various Musical instruments/ we can also see all the 7 wonders shining together in night /Logos of Companis or Organizations which is shown in and along side of famous man-made stream Cheonggye Plaza and Seungyo Bridge which gets a dipped into the lights and even it makes a perfect refection of the lanterns in the water.But do visit one section that features Korea's 600 years old traditional lanterns made by local artists & with many international artist made lanterns.

"But All The Lanterns are made up of Korean Hand Made Paper Known as Hanji"

But it is not that you can only experience the beauty of lanterns during night but also in day time we can experience the vibrant colors & various traditional folk dance or even Visitors can participate in various competitions such as lantern making , floating the lantern in the water for good luck,lantern Fortress.Here visitors can learn the way of making lanterns with Hanji. It is also an opportunity to meet various local people & know the Korean Culture well. 
But there is also an another Lotus Lantern Festival which is in May Every year in honor of Buddhas Birthday.
So don't miss the Lighting
Opportunity if you are planing to visit Korea or there this Winter.

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