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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 Year of the Blue Horse

                                           [2014년 갑오년 : 2014 Year of the Blue Horse]

Happy New Year to all Korea Fans.

It is the 갑오년:Gab Oh Nyeon, which means The Year of the Blue Horse. Traditionally horses has been known as a mystical creature that brings good luck to people. Celebrating the year 2014, we are marking the Year of the Blue Horse. The Blue Horse comes every 60 years, which is drawing much excitement and attention for the new year. Horses and humans have shared joy and sorrow for many years.

Ever since people tamed the wild animal and trained and used them for transportation, they have become attached to each other. When horses were used as a means of transportation, they were important assets managed by the government. Only people with status could ride horses and a horse was equivalent in value to two or three servants.

As a symbol of status or wealth, horses were used as a means of transportation when they were alive, and after death, their mane was used to make traditional hats, their skin was used to make shoes and their tendons were used to make bows.

In honor of the Year of the Blue Horse, many museums and galleries across the country are hosting horse-related exhibitions. Koreans in the past would say that “Women who are born in the Year of the Horse tend to be aggressive and nagging.” As a result, they were shunned by matchmakers. Although, this superstition is no longer believed today.