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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cultural festival between Korea & India - Pune 2015

Fan Given as a Souvenir

                               Cultural festival between Korea & India 2015

      The steadily growing Korean community in Pune City is making 

sincere     efforts towards cultural integration.

                                         Firstly sorry for not posting for a very long time !

        South Koreans have been immigrating to India since the early 1950s. The big boom of immigration occurred when Hyundai set up a bulk of its factories in Chennai in 1995. Since then the average number of Koreans coming to settle in India, even temporarily, has increased exponentially.


          According to the Korean Association of Pune, on an average, 500 Koreans would immigrate annually 20 years ago. Now the figure has crossed 1,500 in Pune alone. Korean companies like Hyundai, LG and Samsung have expanded in India, resulting in more Korean employees coming to the country for work. The cities with the highest Korean population now are Pune (1,500), Chennai (4,000) and Delhi (3,500).

Korean Food Stalls
Korean Lady in Beautiful Hanbok
 In an attempt to introduce Indians to Korean culture, the Korean Association in Pune has been organizing The Indo- Korean Cultural Festival since last year. Last year, the event took place on Saturday and had the Koregaon Park venue with Korean families dressed in Hanbok, the traditional silk Korean costume, for an evening of food and fun with their fellow countrymen.
Arirang Song 

Indian Style wedding with Korean Groom & Indian Bride 
Korean Lady Performing on a Bollywood Song.
Gangnam Style fusion dance

 The event also saw an equally enthusiastic participation from Punekars, with local children putting up a Taekwondo demonstration, and even taking the stage for the K-Pop contest, where participants are expected to perform Korean pop hits (Gangnam Style). In fact, the crowds cheered louder for the Indian performers. And one of the highlights of the festival was when a Korean boy and an Indian girl struck up a duet of “Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanaam” a Bollywood movie song during the cultural show.
Even the culinary spread was a mix of Indian biryani and Korean delicacies like Kimbaap (sticky rice rolled in seaweed), Korean-style fried rice called Bokkeumbap, (sticky rice fried with red beans and topped with a tuna Kimchi) and traditional Korean rice flour and red bean paste dessert, called Gyeongdan.
           So it was an awesome evening with many local youth performed to Korean songs & won many prizes  in lucky draws & in Singing , Dancing competition. Prizes were Air Ticket to Korea, LEDs, Tabs, Mobile handsets, Refrigerator & last but not least Korean souvenirs’ with Lotte Choco Pie to everyone present at the venue.