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Monday, 21 November 2016

Why I "Definitely" want to Visit Korea.

Hello"안녕하세요" Friends From All Around The World !


I AM Virendra Rathod From Pune India which is Know as the oxford of the East. 
I am A Huge Fan Of K-POP And A Sone!After Seeing The Music Video Of Gee By Girl's Generation In 2010.Since Then I Have Been Dreaming Of Visiting Korea & Meet K-POP Idols N See Them Performing Live In Concert.By Following K-POP Songs I came Across With Various Type of K-drams & TV shows. Through Which I came To know About The Culture, Traditions, Beautiful Jeju island, Awesome tourists spots across Korea & Food Of Korea !   So I started following KTO to Know more & participated in each N every events.Sometimes I won & got My first Korean Souvenirs.By following KTO India I came arcoss Wow Korea Suppoter event where I participated in it for 3 years through which i got to know Korea well & understand there cluture.So by participating in this event I definitely want to become a part of Global Wow Korea Suppoter.   Apart from that i have been selected as a world wide Korean blogger by since passed 2 years & Global Seoul Mate in 2014-2015.

Why I Want to Visit Korea Follows

  1. 1.
    Hallyu Effect

  •    I want to attend a K-POP Concert & Enjoy it Live as there haven't been any K-POP Concert in this part of  India where i live.Visiting on location sets of Running Man & Gag Concert & meet My Favorite Korean Celebrity's Specially Girl's Generation hope so figures Crossed!
    I Want to Visit
     Everysing Studio it is Run By
    SM Entertainment & it has many Stickers ,Photos, Music CD/DVDs  of  celebrities working for SM Entertainment Such As Girl's Generation, F(x),Super Junior, Red Velvet. I want to buy CDs, Signed Photos many things from there. This is a must visit place which I am just crazy about.
    Because of seeing many Korean Dramas I just loved the way of soft Spoken Korean language & respect shown to each other.

    2. Beautiful Landscapes & Amazing Architectures.

        Korea Is gifted with many Breathtaking Natural landscapes such as J
    eju Island,Seopjikoji,Hyeopjae Beach,Ggotji Beach,Uleung Island Seaside Road this all and many more the list is long.Korea should be the land of Gods or the way to the Heaven on Earth.Words are not enough to describe the Beauty of Mother Nature.It has a Such a clean environment with crystal clear sea water were even we can see the bottom of sea.If any non photographer like me would become a photographer because of amazing picture perfect locations.That Is Why Korea Is Also Known As"Land of the Morning Calm".With White sandy beaches its just perfect spend our early morning with a cup of tea with cool breeze N little Warm sun and at time of sunset enjoy BBQ party on Ggotji beach as Sun sets in a perfect line of two rocks its just amazing scene.To Watch Awesome Cherry Blossoms which lies between March to April.Want to go Hiking in the peaks of misty mountains which is very popularly among Korean peoples. Jeju Island is famous for it locations so there are many Korean Dramas & Movies shot there.But its also renowned for caching squids from the beach's by digging our hands in the sand
    I have seen it on Invincible Youth show once.I also want to catch some squids & have a party.
    Bukhansan National Park is the famous among Seoul residents for hiking, bird-watching & rock climbing.It has forest area, temples & granite peaks with 3 main peaks called as Beakundae, Insubong & Mangnyeongndae.

    3.Historical Architectures

    Gyeongbokgung Palace

    As There are many UNESCO 
    World Heritage sites in Korea which are almost 800 years old.It is amazing & hats off to Korean Government that they have kept all monuments as they are built in 21st Centuries as new.This Palaces are must visit sites which could be helpful to understand Korean culture & Architecture better.Get the Feeling how was the royal life of Kings N Queens back in 1400 century.This Palaces are made up of woods and strong stone base in bottom.

  •  Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul which also almost 600 years ancient historical & cultural heritage of world.

    Bulguksa Temple is also UNESCO World Heritage site.It is a Buddhists Temple with two pagodas in central main hall.It is also built in stones base platform as other palaces.But this temple is the oldest of all & must see.

    *Man Made Architecture*

  • Must see & what humans are capable of is Banpo Bridge .It is a double deck N Worlds longest bridge fountain. Which is made over Han River it joins Seocho & Yongsan districts.It has a Guinness World Record To its Name for 10000  Different colored LED lights on both sides.It is The Jewel Of Seoul which shines at night and attract many tourists toward it.
    Namsan/Seoul Tower is another big attraction & landmark of Seoul which is 777ft tall.It has a revolving restaurant which rotates every 48 mins. I want to enjoy dinner in this restaurant in evening with amazing night view of Seoul this is so romantic for couples and then tie a padlock to the tower fence so that my love become Eternal.

    63 Building on the banks of Han River is the Tallest Gold-Cladded Building in the world.It has the world's tallest 
    Art Gallery & Observation Deck on 60th floor.It is also known as The 63 Golden Tower as it Shines like Gold for 15mins. at sunrise.It has even a Love Elevator only for couples in evening.
    3. Korean Food

    Korean Cuisine base is Rice many dishes are made from rice.

    Songpyeon is a specially made on Chuseok which is sweet stuff in side and I have tasted it once when a friend brought it for me last year it was so Yummy.Just melted in my mouth.But Korean popular food is Tteok (Rice Cake) which is important in four ceremonial occasions of Coming Age,Wedding,Funeral & Ancestral Rites on Lunar New Year's Day or in any Feast.There are various kinds of Tteok such as Injeolmi, Honey Tteok, Baekseolgi & So on.
    Kimchi represent Korea's best known food around the world though its a side dish but it is serve in almost every Korean meal.
    It is a spicy dish with variety of seasoning mainly cabbage & radish are used as main ingredient.I have tried once making it but  don't know how it tastes when made by a Korean.So I have to learn this dish and give a taste of Korean food to my Family N Friends.

    Eating Jajangmyeon with My Friend !

    Kimbap is another popular outdoor/light dish which is made of steamed rice with carrots,cucumbers,fish,eggs are rolled with gim & served with kimchi. Kimbap origin is from Japan.
    Korean traditional Noodles are handmade known as onmyeon. There are many types of  hot & cold noodles such as guksu jangguk, naengmyeon, bibim guksu and so on.
    I love eating food so want to try each and every dishes. 

  • A group of old ladies making Kimchi.
    Video Taking by me !

  • Gwangjang Market is a paradise for food lover like me were there are hundreds of food counters were we can enjoy each and every food items of Korea with alcoholic beverage Soju. That to Hot directly from pan to our dish then into my hunger stomach. 
    Many of Counters are open all night for those who work, wholesalers and for those who want to enjoy night life.
    View Of Gwangjang Market
    4. Shopping & Night-life
              "No Travel Could be Complete without Shopping!"

     Shopping in Seoul is one of popular activities which tourists like me would like to do.The City is home to numerous markets, malls & wonderful shops.Well Gangnam is not only popular because of "Gangnam style" but also because of it markets.It attracts many young crowd with selling various trendy items.I can find many famous Cafes, Coffee shops, Pubs,Clubs & Restaurants so its
     also famous for its Nightlife.If i would be luck enough i can come across to any Korean Celebrity's shopping there or having fun in Clubs.Hope this wish gets fullfill T_T

    Cafe, Clubs, Restaurants & Shopping Streets in Gangnam-Gu

    Namdaemun is the largest open-air traditional & oldest market of Seoul that sales many things from clothes to ginseng.Many cloths sold in other places in Seoul come from Namdaemun. We can get here discounts on the original quoted price & this is a right place to buy souvenirs like t-shirts, Key chains and many other things which are widely available.I would just loved to buy beautiful korean tradition souvenirs. There are many food stalls so i can enjoy shopping with mouth watering food.This market is the popular tourist attraction of Shopping Seoul.

    Take a Look at my Video shoot in Myeongdong.

    Visiting Myeongdong which is also known as the "Bright Town" because of its sign boards it is a must visit place to buy beauty products & what if i am a boy we too need to take care of ourselves. 

    Dongdaemun/Gwangjang Market is also an famous shopping destination here can find out many notable goods such as silk fabric, leather goods,shoes, traditional dress Hanbok for men & women, electronic goods, Fortune tellers & as I mentioned above it is also a paradise for food lovers with many food counters.There are huge 26 shopping malls with english speaking staff to coordinate with the tourists.which are open all night till morning.So this two places are the shopping paradise.
    I want to buy A Hanbok which is for mens it consists of Jeogori & Baji.
                            5. National Museum Of Korea
    National Museum of Korea is the 6th largest Museum in the World by its Area.To understand any country better there is no other place than the museum its speaks the history & Art of that region.

    6. Fun Time in Korea
    After seeing it in many K-Dramas & Reality shows Everland & Lotte world This two theme park are must visit N would like to have some Thrill,Entertainment,makes us feel kids again,just go crazy N spend a entire day enjoying all rides.So this all above are must to do or see things when I visit Korea.List is long but hopefully my bucket list would get fullfill soon.  Who says Paris is the only one place of Love here in Korea there are many Romantic place with beautiful mind blowing scenery.Seoul is the City that Never sleeps & with countless fun unlimited. Korea have maintain the Balance as Adapting to modernization & Keeping their Tradition, Culture Alive.
    I want to feel & Visit Korea Rural area, Busan & would love share my experience with my family, friends & through my SNS N blogs. So others can to get inspire to visit Korea.
    ❤ ♡ ❤  Saranghae Korea for My LifeTime 
    ❤ ♡ ❤ 

    Sunday, 13 November 2016

    Korean Film Festival In Pune 2016

    National Film Archive of India (NFAI) had brought us yet another package of Korean Movies!

    NFAI in association with the Korean Consulate in Mumbai, Korea Foundation, Korean Association Pune had organized a 3-day ‘Korean Film Festival in Pune’.

    NFAI Pune Entrance

    Korean cinema has tried to portray different themes and has gained critical acclaim in major international film festivals. The festival have showcase some of these critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies.

    The festival was formally declared open by Honorable Mr Soung-eun Kim, Consul General (Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Mumbai). Day 1 of the festival saw a full house of children from the Indus International School for the screening of 'How to Steal a Dog' (2014).

    The second screening of the day was 'My Love My Bride' (2014) at 7 pm in the Main Auditorium of NFAI, Law college road premises.
    There were many Korean Students residing in Pune who visited the film festival.
    I was not able to Visit on the last of the festival but anyways 2 days were entertaining & will cherishes it until the next film festival.


    10th &11th November: Prabhat Road & Law College Road, Main Auditorium, NFAI.
    10th 4:30pm (U) : How To Steal A Dog
    10th 7:00pm (U/A) : My Love My Bride
    11th 4:30pm (U/A) : Jeon Woo Chi
    11th 7:00pm (U/A) : A Hard Day

    12th November: Near Doordarshan Kendra, Kothrud, PhaseⅡ Auditorium, NFAI. 
    11:00am (U/A) : Scandal Makers
    1:30pm (U/A) : No Breathing
    4:00pm (U) : A Long Visit
    6:30pm (U/A) : Secret Union