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Monday, 14 October 2013

Unique Museums in Korea

Hello Friend's Around The World.
Museum's are The Best Place To Know Better About Any Country's Traditions,Culture N History.Here in Korea Many Tourist's Visit's The National Museum of Korea But apart from it there are many other museum's which are must on the List of Visit !!

1- Hermes Museum In Gangnam-gu.
2- Owl Craft & Art Museum In Jongno-gu Bukchon-ro.
3- Seoul Museum of Chicken Art In Bukchon.
4- The Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum In Dongdaemun-gu.
Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art In Yongsan-gu.

Hermes Museum In Gangnam-gu

This is entrance of this Hermes Museum has a distinctive atmosphere. A streamlined wall colored by light blue and be decorated with various frames of Hermes brand image.


This is Pillar of Art it has a dreamy look that will awe you with style. The gallery is full of pillars that have their own shapes and thicknesses.

2- Owl Craft & Art Museum In Jongno-gu Bukchon-ro.

 If you are an owl lover or enjoy seeing handcrafted pieces of art, the Owl Museum is the place for you. This owl themed museum is filled with pieces of art, crafts, useful household items and accessories. The items here come from over 70 countries including China, the United States, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Over 2000 pieces can be found right under one roof. 
Owl themed folding screens, dishes, vases, sculptures, and even owl stamps are among the diverse selection on display here. When people think of an owl museum, an image of a stuffed owl usually pops into their heads. No stuffed owls can be found at this museum. It is full of many unique items. The Owl Museum was originally a private residence. The structure was remodeled and made into a museum, but managed to keep its original charm. The owner’s second son, who majored in design, chose owl wallpaper to add to the unique atmosphere. Visitors to the museum are treated to a free, tasty cup of tea.

3- Seoul Museum of Chicken Art In Bukchon.
Seoul Museum of Chicken Art is a private museum displaying international and domestic collections that have a chicken theme. The museum features exhibits which focus on chickens in terms of cultural aspects in relation to people and society. At this unique museum visitors can appreciate a varied selection of artworks, including international pieces, expressing ideas about the chicken.

The special exhibition hall features 1,000 exhibits on Korea's traditional concept of the chicken, including paintings, arts and crafts, furniture, pottery and accessories. Through the special exhibition, visitors can appreciate many works of world-renowned artists, such as the late Lee Eung-ro (1904-1989), who painted “Chicken” in an ink-and-wash painting, using a linear perspective technique called collage. The exhibition also showcases various genuine antiques including a wooden chicken statue belonging to the parents of Empress Myeongseong. After the tour, visitors can enjoy a relaxed tea time in the museum café on the first floor with such interesting decor as chicken-character tea cups, spoons and even paintings on the walls of the museum.

4- The Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum In Dongdaemun-gu.

The Seoul Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum was established in 2006 to introduce people to the excellent effectiveness of Korean oriental medicine, and to preserve and pass on its history and culture. Fittingly, the museum is located across from the Seoul Yangnyeong Market, one of the most famous oriental medicine markets in Korea from which approximately 70% of the nation's oriental medicine is distributed.

Opened on September 13, 2006, the museum boasts a wide assortment of items: 500 pieces of equipment used by practitioners of herbal medicine, 420 artifacts related to the field of oriental medicine, and about 350 herbal medicinal items. A large number of antique books related to herbal medicine are also on exhibit at the museum, helping visitors unfamiliar to the practice gain an overall understanding of what effect each herb or technique has and how each is used when treating patients. 
The main hall of the museum features several sections such as the "The History and Culture of Korean Oriental Medicine", "Korean Oriental Medicine and the Human Body", "Medicinal Herb Village Story", "A Prescription for Harmony", "Korean Oriental Medicine Experience Corner for Children" and "The History and Traditions of Seoul Yangnyeongsi". Visitors can also relax while having a cup of Korean oriental medicine tea at the "Korean Oriental Medicine Cultural Center" and find out how healthy they really are at the "Korean Oriental Medicine Experience Room".
5. Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art In Yongsan-gu.

The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art is the perfect place to enjoy traditional and contemporary art created by Korean and international artists. Most of the exhibits on display at the museum are based on the large collection of the founder, the late Lee Byeong-cheol, once president of the Samsung Group. Three world-renowned architects, Maria Botta, Jean Nouvel, and Rem Koolhaas, were commissioned to design the outstanding museum complex. The name Leeum is the acronym of the family name of its founder, “Lee” and an abbreviated word for museum, “um”. The museum is composed of three individual buildings linked together as a composite complex. Museum 1 showcases traditional Korean arts and crafts such as calligraphy, ceramic arts and metal craft work, while Museum 2 displays dynamic modern and contemporary art by domestic and international artists, this section includes the Samsung Child Education & Cultural Center which offers cultural education for children.
You can't carry any sort of bag (of any shape) into the special exhibit, but thankfully cameras are allowed.The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art is located nearby Hangangjin station. Get out exit 1 and follow the signs, while taking a right and going up a hill. You'll notice your in the right place if you see these sculptures by, Louise Bourgeois.

So were would You like to visit on your trip to Seoul !!

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