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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Happiest Memory in Seoul

Hello Friends The Big day had arrived finally for which we have come. At 8.30am after our breakfast we were seated in a Super luxurious Limo Bus from Somerset Hotel to KTO HQ in Seoul.Where we reach within 15mins as soon as we reached the HQ of KTO we were greeted by the KTO staff.

After the quick Orientation & Introduction with other participants we went to "The National Museum of Korea" which is newly created & opened last week.There were amazing Art Forms never seen before.

With Shuchan from Japan

Do Check out my Video "The National Museum of Korea"

After seeing the museum we went have our lunch where we had Octopus Rice & Pork.

Wow then we went for shopping in the famous Myeongdong everyone was going crazy but 

especially girls to buy there best friend cosmetics products.

But i was crazy about buying K-pop cds. I bought Girls Generation "the Boys" & 2ne1 


Happy Faces after Shopping....

Check Out my Video of Myeongdong

After Shopping we went to FRADIA .
It is a cultural floating space on Hangang River with excellent riverside view.

Well it was my luck day i meet Ricky Kim our host for tonight.

Finally the big time has came for which we all came for yes its the
"Awards" Night with power packed performances from Dalshabet & ZE:A.

Watching Dalshabet perform live it was a dream come true for me never thought that i could see any K-pop performance. I was just mesmerized by the moves of Dalshabet just can't take my eyes off them.

To watch the video click below

After DalShabet performance we had our big event the awards for following category

1.Video of the Year

2.Blog of the Year

3.K-Spot of the Year of the Year

I won the Buzz of the Year award for my blogs on KTO website Buzz Korea now Imagine your Korea.
This was my first award of my life that I received in my favorite City Seoul in front of so many people.
So this was my Happiest moment of My life spent in Seoul which I will never ever forget in my entire life time.

From Left Liliy From Cambodia,Alyna from Philippines, Rini from
Indonesia, Junyi from China, Seolki from Singapore, Lichee from China, Viru(Me :)) , Tim From Australia, Edvard from Lithuania, Little Amy from China, Shuchan From Japan & John from Philippines.  

But that was not all for the night KTO had in store more for all of us.After awards we went  for dinner in Samwon Garden,Gangnam-gu.

It was very beautifully decorated.

A huge feast was arranged for us^^  with various Korean delicacy.

So Happy & Hungry to see Various Korean Food items in front of us. Just cant wait to taste them all before this we have just seen them in pictures.

So this day i.e 20th November 2013 was the Happiest Day in My life spend in Seoul with experiencing its various expects such as meeting locals & interact with them, saw Korean modern architectures in National Museum of Modern Art,Seoul, Tasted various Korean Food & Sweets, watching K-POP performance live which was like my dream come true. And the main event receiving Award in Seoul in front of so many people.
So many things in just one day. So this is undoubtedly my happiest  & unforgettable memory ever spend in my life that too in Seoul. That I Cherished for long long time.



  1. congrats viru.....i got no 5 on count voting,,more power for me next year..LOL,,
    nice trip especially the award.. "buzz of the year 2013"

  2. Yeah I know !! Thank You it was a amazing Trip :)