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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gift Wrapping with Bojagi !

Image by Youngmin Lee
Bojagi Artist

What did Korean moms usually do in their spare time ? in the past times, Korean moms like to make a bojagi. Bojagi is one of Korean traditional craft, made from pieces of unused fabrics usually in small cutting pieces and sewing them one by one into one layered useful things. This activities still continue until now and many people are interesting to learn how to make a bojagi. I can say Bojagi is one of Korean beauty made from mommy’s love.
Bojagi usually used as a daily household equipment or as a gift wrapping. Bojagi also can be used for a gift wrapping from a groom to the bride on the wedding day with special accessories or as a gift wrapping for friends, relatives or inlaws.
Eastern Asia including Japan, Korea and other countries usually use this kind of gift wrapping method. Using fabric as a wrapping is ecologically friendly and can be used frequently.
If you come to Korea and getting around at the tourist spots, there are some galleries in Insadong which provide the workshop of Bojagi or Bojagi gift wrapping workshop.

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