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Monday, 3 March 2014

Korean Traditional Table Settings

                                         Korean Traditional Table Settings

The most basic table setting of a traditional Korean Food table is called space development table. This setting is where all the food is placed on top of the table all at once. According to the staple food, a table can be divided into many different groups. bansang, is a table consisting mainly of rice and side dishes, juksang, is a table composed of soups, myunsang, is a table with noodles, jooansang, is a table designed especially to drink alcohol with appetizer, dagwasang, which is a table for deserts, and gyojasang, which is a very large table for dining.

1-Bansang Table Setting
Bansang is the most basic table setting of Korean Food. It is mainly composed of rice and the side dishes are placed according to the recipes, ingredients, color, temperature, and other factors. There are also different types of bansang, according to how many plates, or ‘cheop’ in korean, are placed on the table. There can be a 3 cheop-bansang, 5 cheop-bansang, 7 cheop-bansang, 9 cheop-bansang, and 12 cheop-bansang.


2-Juksang Table Setting
Juksang is when the staple food is soups. This table setting should consist of side dishes which are not spicy or salty. Nabak kimchi (radish water kimchi), small slices of dried pollack, and Jeotguk jjigae (salted-fish soup) would be good side dishes to place on a juksang.


3-Myungsang Table Setting
Noodles, tteokguk, mandu are the staple foods for this table setting. It is used when eating simple lunch or dinner.

4-Jooansang Table Setting
This table setting is placed to serve alcohol. Yuk po, Uh po, and other dry snacks, such as: jeon, pyeonyuk, jjim, jeongol, saengchae, kimchi, fruits, tteok, and Korean biscuits.

5-Dagwasang Table Setting

This table setting is used when drinking tea or other beverages. Side dishes such as : yumil, yugwa, dasik (a patterned candy made of sesame, chestnut, greenpea flour, and honey), suksilgwa (stewed fruits), and fruits.

6-Gyojsang Table Setting
This table setting is done during traditional holidays, when there are a lot of people that have to eat.

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