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Friday, 8 August 2014

Ordering In Korea

There are many good things about living in Korea, especially in Seoul. The public transportation system is well established, the food is great and the internet is fast and easily accessible. My personal favorite perk about living in Korea is its delivery service. Once you try it, there’s no going back.
Sure, other countries have delivery services, too. But in Korea, you have an entire delivery culture in which the question isn’t “What can be delivered?” but more like, “What can’t be delivered?”
120 Dasan Seoul call center
Let’s start with the food. You can order pretty much anything, anywhere. Hanging out near the Han River and craving some chicken and cold beer? Get it delivered. Don’t know who to call nor what’s nearby? Just download an application that will help you complete your delivery in seconds. If you don’t have a smartphone, call the 120 Dasan Seoul Call center, which tells you just about everything about living in Seoul, or 114. As for how to explain where along the river you are, try naming the nearest bridge. Korean delivery men are great at finding their customers and always ready to go where they are, quickly!
Shoppers select products for home delivery at a virtual store in a South Korean subway
Then you have the grocery deliveries. Say you need to go to the market but can’t leave your baby home alone. Just get your goods delivered from the supermarket. You can shop online and have your groceries delivered to you. You can call them and tell them what to bring. Or, if you can make it to the shop but don’t want to do the heavy lifting, literally, just go, fill your cart and pay, and ask for your bags to be delivered to your home.
And that’s not all. There’s even a delivery service in Korea that can run small errands for you. For example, if you urgently need medicine but can’t go out, just call a delivery center. If you’re craving food from an out-of-the-way restaurant, ask the delivery center to get it for you. Of course, there’s a fee, about KRW 10,000.

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