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Friday, 14 November 2014

Sinseol Jonghap Market

Sinseol Jonghap Market began to be formed in 1971 as a group of local merchants opened their shops at the current marketplace.

The market has since then continued to grow its influence upon the economic life of the local community and still plays an important role in supplying daily necessities.
The popularity of the market among the local shoppers is dependent upon its capability to offer fresh high-quality products at competitive prices via the direct day-by-day transactions with the producers.

Currently, the market contains about 150 shops trading a wide variety of merchandise including meat, fruits and vegetables, fish, kitchen appliances, food, plastic and vinyl sheets as well as tiny snack bars and diners serving sundaeguk (Korean black pudding soup), jokbal (steamed pig’s feet), noodles, gimbap (laver rice rolls) and various fries.

The most interesting spots are the people’s market and foreigners’ flea market. Even window shopping is fun here where all sorts of knick-knacks, traditional handicrafts and rare objects can be found. If you look carefully, you may be able to find your own treasure at a cheap price. Those who know the attractions of a flea market shout drop by with their families.

Souvenirs shops sell unique items that have won awards in various competitions. Hanbok apron which transforms traditional hanbok into a practical apron, Hahoe masks and hand-made natural soap featuring famous Korean paintings are but some of the items available. On the second floor Boradong, handicrafts from Jeju Island and North Gyeongsang Province, traditional alcoholic beverages and other regional specialties are on sale. If you are looking for unique gifts for foreigners or the elderly, this is the place to go to.

If you are tired from all that shopping, take a break in front of the flea market stage which is open to performances by anyone. Call 02-2232-3367 for more information on staging performances on the Seoul Folk Flea Market stage.

The Seoul Folk Flea Market, a downtown market where the traditional and the contemporary coexist, will strive to become a market that Koreans and foreigners want to visit again and again.

After shopping enjoy Makkolli, Odeng and Kkochi

Adress : 109-5 Sinseol-dong Dongdaemun-gu Seoul Korea
  Operation Time : 10:00~18:00(Restaurant until 22:00
  Closing Day : 2nd, 4th Tuesday
  Outdoor Market : Saturday, Sunday Only

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